Running Scared (A Shepard & Kelly Mystery – Book 3) by Benjamin Bradley

I read the first two in this series and was more than ready for this third book. Memories of Summer Camp led me to the first book and let me tell you – my camp experience pales in comparison. Nothing this exciting ever happened. In Book 3, the author takes us back to Camp Whispering Pines, which is changing drastically. Not only has the lake been drained but there is a body – an old body. Young campers are now adults and have various lives, including being in law enforcement. The mystery does a very good job of leading down through the plot, I knew exactly where I was going but then I was lost and boy do I love being lost. As I followed the characters, the clues and the various twists, I was beguiled.

The author kept me guessing as he alternated between current day and Then (back during one summer). This was the perfect example of things not being what they first appeared to be.

An enjoyable series in every aspect. Read it first, read it third – but read them all!

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From the series that brought you Welcome to the Punkhorns and Trouble Afoot comes a tense and twisty mystery about an idyllic summer camp, a missing girl, and secrets buried long ago.

Delaney Shepard was just nineteen when she signed on to be a counselor at Whispering Pines, a sleep-away summer camp for talented high school runners looking to hone their craft. When the campers went to sleep, the counselors partied in the empty cabins like there was no tomorrow. But on the last night of camp, a girl from Delaney’s bunk went missing. And soon rumors spread that Delaney was the last person to see Annie Miller alive.

Thirteen years later, Detective Delaney Shepard has traded the quaint cabins of Whispering Pines for the dreamy shores of Cape Cod. Her newfound partnership with P.I. Casper Kelly has put her on a track for promotion and promise. When evidence from the case resurfaces, Delaney must face down old foes that plan to answer the enduring question: What happened to Annie Miller?

When they return to Whispering Pines, it appears untouched since that last summer. Digging through past and present for leads, Delaney and Casper attempt to piece together what actually happened on that fateful night. As clues resurface, Delaney searches for closure and answers, even if they aren’t what she’d hoped.

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