Texas Oblivion, Mysterious Disappearances, Escapes and Cover-Ups by E. R. Bills

Winner of First Place in Non-Fiction at the Texas Book Festival – August, 2022

I have read several of this author’s non-fiction works and I am always impressed with the extreme level of research he does.  His books are presented not just to entertain but inform. This is a collection of true tales of disappearances that have bewildered Texans for generations. Each is presented logically for events that have no logic as to why these people have not been found. An intriguing collection that had me thinking.

The perfect read or gift for any non-fiction buff.

(On a personal note, Yes Dad I will save this one for you!)

For more about this author and to follow him, CLICK HERE.


On February 2, 1963, a tanker with thirty-nine men aboard departed Beaumont and never returned. In the mid-spring of 1882, Billy the Kid’s friend, foe and equal escaped Huntsville Penitentiary and vanished. On December 9, 1961, a young boy in Wichita Falls disappeared without a trace. On November 18, 1936, a father and son were swallowed by a “Walled Kingdom.” On December 23, 1974, three girls went to a Fort Worth mall and were never seen or heard from again. This collection explores twenty baffling disappearances that investigators have studied for decades, to no avail. Homicide, patricide, filicide, genocide, devil worship, the Devil’s Triangle, the Devil’s River, the assassination of JFK, UFO abductions, legal limbo, literal limbo–oblivion. Award-winning author E.R. Bills drags the facts of these mystifying cases back from the void.

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