A Day for Bones by Dale E. Lehman

I have read this entire series. Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller is always a great character to get back to. In this fourth book, a flood has hit Ellicott City and left behind more than mud and debris – it has uncovered bones.

A local, widespread family is at the heart of the story, The Ferrings. This family tree has a bit of rot happening on several branches. As Peller’s team tries to connect the dots, the family is stonewalling, not talking, plain out lying and at times even striking out! There is more going on here than just the bones.

When the tide turns, and a double murder happens, the family tries to protect themselves but with members running in opposite directions, nothing is getting accomplished.

Peller’s team is filled with real people trying to do their jobs and live their lives but sometimes that’s not possible to do smoothly. I really like that Lehman’s characters are not perfect. The flaws make them that much easier to relate to. I was also pleased to see that there may be one more in this series. Which is good because I don’t think I’m ready to be done with Peller.

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Bones litter the street…

A catastrophic flood in Ellicott City leaves more than damaged buildings in its wake: a human skeleton now lies scattered along Main Street. Did a colonial settler wash out of his grave? Or is it murder? As Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller and his team investigate, the descendants of James Ferring, a local business icon from a bygone era, become the focus, and Peller is sure they’re hiding something.

There are clues aplenty. The gun shop owned by Chuck Ferring is a magnet for vandals and thieves. Art Ferring’s horse was gunned down by an unknown assailant. And the Colonial Bakery, the jewel in the Ferring crown, is the only possible source of the bones. The family has explanations for everything, until a double murder threatens to unravel their secrets. And now, someone lurking in the shadows will stop at nothing to prevent Peller from uncovering the truth.

A thrilling crime drama, A Day for Bones is the fourth novel in Dale E. Lehman’s Howard County Mysteries.

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