F.E.A.R. Face Everything and Rise! By Justin Giovinazzo

This author hits you right at the beginning by breaking down the issue of Fear into two categories and then offering a solution – he says, “Why should I waste your time breaking down a self help book and dragging out the solution when it is easy.” Why exactly! By getting to the point so early in the book the author was able to spend more time exploring his life events and expanding on the subject. Since he gave the reader the solution, you could then apply that to every situation and SEE how this system could work for you. 

The author is very open, honest, and revealing when discussing his traumas and fears. Doing this made it easy for many people to connect with some part of the fears he discusses. He also makes the important distinction between someone with the disease of addiction versus someone chemically dependent. This is a differentiation that I had never considered. It makes a huge difference in a person’s path to living without these substances.

The author states that he is working on a companion workbook to go with this book. I highly suggest you get it or at least have a notebook near by while reading this book so you can work on your own solution.

This book is currently available to read for free with Kindle Unlimited.


Fear is a simple four letter word that holds so much power over many people without them even aware of it. This book teaches a formula on how to identify fear, and overcome it by removing it by the roots. So many people address fear on a surface level. Many people never get down to the root cause, and the fear remains to be the driving force behind the person’s decision making. Topics in this book touch on childhood trauma, sexual trauma, addiction, mental health, and everyday fears that people face throughout life. The Author Justin Giovinazzo CAC. gives a description of events that happened throughout his life and how he overcame fear. This book was written with the purpose of giving individuals a formula to identify the root causes of fear, and eliminate the fear so that they can live happy productive lives.

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