The Women I Have Been & RAW by Alexandra Miller

REVIEW – The Women I Have Been

This collection is part poetry, part micro-stories and a lot of heart. Anger is nipping at the edge of a lot of these sections, but it’s purposeful. One line that I kept coming back to was repeated often in a section – “I don’t want to die, I have things I need to let go of.” This theme of letting go of various parts of the author’s life, from people to drugs, to ideas of what society requires, was insightful and showed her (and a lot of our) vulnerability.

This is intense reading for the heart and mind.


The Women I Have Been.

A journey through poetry of losing yourself in a toxic relationship, child loss, mental health, recovery, and learning to love yourself through it all.

Review – RAW

If poetry gives you images of peaceful beauty, this book will turn you around. Written with guts, feeling and full exposure, this author spares nothing of her life. Addiction in any form is destructive and Miller confronts all of them. Using visual imagery and impactful phrases, she pushes you to open your eyes and your mind.


A journey of poetry, from the darkness of addiction to finding recovery. A story in poems of life, a mind that works in poetry and uses poetry to find that voice.




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