Treasures From The Gulf – Creating Community and Healing Through Art by Beatrice Baldwin with Dianne Sonnenberg

This is a multi-generational book. Basically, what that means is it is perfect for ages 0-112! The photos and illustrations take the reader through the very involved process of creating an art installation for the Memorial Hermann–Texas Medical Center Sarofim Pavilion Pediatric Surgical Waiting Area in Houston, Texas. From the first drawings to the installation, you get to see everything that went into this project. You also receive a personal look at the artists who participated.

Just as the installation is completed, the book goes on to all the sea creatures that adorn the art. Taking you panel by panel you learn about the sea life, the way they were created for the installation and some background. There is even a highlighted section of the Decorator Crab, that’s always been one of my favorite sea creatures. Who doesn’t love someone who can accessorize?

And last but not least there is even a list of Seek and Finds for each panel adding a delightful interactive aspect to the book.

This book would make the perfect gift either for yourself or just about anyone on your list.

For more about this book, CLICK HERE.


Beatrice Baldwin and Dianne Sonnenberg have brought their varied talents and art forms together to create a beautiful, monumental tribute to the undersea life in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in the pediatric surgery wing of a Houston Hospital. In this book, they’ll take you through the fascinating process of creating a large public artwork under a tight deadline. And you’ll learn all about the creatures they depict along the way.

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