I Don’t Like Wearing Shoes by Kimberly Oyedele

This delightful cover immediately got my attention, and then I read the title. As someone who still does not like wearing shoes and raised a daughter who also didn’t like them and is hoping for a granddaughter who doesn’t like shoes – this book screamed BUY ME!

This is one of those books that, after reading it all the way through, you will want to go back and immerse yourself in the art. The author has created small touches throughout to make the reading just as much fun as not wearing shoes. From words that are colors actually in that color to tiny smudges of color to leaving a few black-and-white outline drawings at the end to color as you wish, this book is the perfect gift.

You can currently read it on Kindle Unlimited for free but I highly suggest the paper version – so you can color and enjoy it many times.

For more about this author, CLICK HERE.


Elizabeth Nicole aka Lizzie does not like wearing her shoes. She would much rather let her toes take her on new adventures right in her own back yard. Will mama ever understand why… I don’t like wearing shoes!

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