Break By Ken Bagnis

Central Texas was closed for a few days, thanks to an ice storm. But I was happily reading along until the power went. Luckily there was enough battery in my tablet to finish this book!

A fast riding twister of a read. This story follows the main character, a teenager, in the throes of mental challenges as he deals with a monster following him and leading his brain and body. Once he meets a fellow patient at a psychological hospital, who promises to help him get rid of the monster, the race is on – literally. The antics and situations that these two characters, soon to be joined by an eight year old, are a whirlwind to keep up with. This is one of those books where I had to slow my reading to take it all in. The book deals with some huge subjects but in a manner that is relatable and also with a sprinkle of humor.

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Seventeen-year-old Trey Barrow has lost everything-his home, his family, and possibly his mind. Pursued by a threat that only he can hear or see, it’s getting harder for Trey to decide which of his experiences is more terrifying: the “real” world, where he woke up restrained to a bed in a psychiatric hospital, or the “fantasy” world where he’s being hunted by a death-dealing shadow from the spirit realm.

Then he meets fellow patient Pearl Parker, a streetwise mystery who starts hospital riots for laughs. Pearl is the first and only person to believe in Trey’s looming threat, and she convinces him they need to escape. Now, before the fate of the entire world is lost.

Realizing he doesn’t have to face this nightmare alone, Trey follows Pearl down an endless road of infinite possibilities, hidden motives, an unintentional kidnapping, and not nearly enough snacks. But as their stolen car blazes a Bonnie-and-Clyde-style escape across the Southwestern US, the police and Trey’s dark visions are never far behind.

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