Forsaken Talents by Leslie Piggott

Starting a new series is a bit of a gamble.  You never know what is going to happen, whether the author will continue writing or the characters will grow and keep you involved in the story.  I am so happy I took the gamble with this series.  I enjoyed the first and was a little leery of this second book.  However the quality continues in the Cari Turner series as the main character quickly gets involved in a case of a collision that appears to be accidental.  Once again, Genevieve, a strong police detective, is working the case in parallel.  The two women set out determined to solve the case separately.  Each wants to do it on their own, but when they realize that working together will help them in so many ways, the case takes off.

I like this series and the relationship that is building between these two independent young women as they each find their way in their own careers and also in a mutual friendship.

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Cari Turnlyle was recently promoted from the sports column to a front-page journalist at the Brenington Beagle.  She had been enjoying her success until a wealthy member of the community calls her writing drivel.  The man, Frederick Kastener, is outraged when no one investigates his daughter’s death in a collision that by all accounts seems to be accidental.  Well-connected both socially and financially, Kastener throws his weight around to get the case a second look.

Cari knew Jade Kastener as a happy-go-lucky young woman, so when an eye witness of the collision claims that she was crying, Cari is hooked.  Convinced that the younger Kastener was drugged, she uses her resources to find the answers.  She is determined to not cross boundaries in her friendships, but calls on the help of her detective-friend, Genevieve Viacorte to combine their efforts.  When another person dies under suspicious circumstances, Cari is convinced that the deaths are related.  The medical examiner disagrees and finds both deaths to be accidental.

As Cari digs in, personal matters distract her from staying focused.  Her editor is demanding that she buckle down and put the pieces together, while a visit from her parents looms on the horizon.  Can she live up to everyone’s expectations by solving the case and balancing her parents’ wishes?

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