The Corporate Introvert by Steve Friedman

Spending most of my life as an Introvert and thinking I might have trained myself to be more of an Extrovert, I was curious to see what aspects of this book could help me with my business life. 

What I found was that my definitions are not a one size fits all. Included in the book is a link for a quiz to see where your strengths lay and where you could use some assistance. I highly suggest you take 5-8 minutes and do the quiz. It adds another layer and personalizes the reading experience so that you can apply those items directly impacting your business life.

The author does a wonderful job supplying specific and easy to follow action items after each chapter as well as various worksheet links to enrich your reading experience.  It’s basically an entire course in one book.

This read is not just for introverts but everyone who at times, needs some alone time, some peace or break from the rat race or just those who appreciate the art of reflection. It will give you a much better sense of how to deal with issues and real life applicable scenarios in your work situations. However there were a few times when I realized that some suggestions would also work in my personal life.

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An Introvert’s Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Inspiring Leader

Discover How to Bring to Life Your Hidden Talents and Strengths

Leadership for introverts resembles a tree. For a tree’s canopy to be expansive and beautiful, it must have healthy roots, strong branches, and an environment in which it can flourish.

For an introvert to flourish in a corporate environment, you must learn how to lead with authenticity and certainty.

In the Authors Marketing International Non-Fiction Grand Prize winner and Gold Award-Winning (January 2022 NonFiction Authors Association Book Awards Program), The Corporate Introvert shows you exactly how to build a strong tree that empowers you to:

  • Become a respected, successful leader
  • Build confidence and realize your dreams
  • Capitalize on your talents, values and passions
  • Shed your mask and master your energy “battery”
  • Shine in meetings, networking, communications, and more

Steve Friedman has packed this blueprint for inner growth with stories and models that will impact you immediately. You’ll gain essential insights into how you can stop acting and embrace your true self.

“This empowering book shows us how to nourish our roots so we can lead – and thrive – with our unique introverted strengths.” -Matthew Pollard, author of the bestselling Introvert’s Edge Series

The Corporate Introvert doesn’t seek to change you.

Instead, it reveals how you can be a great leader and still be you.

***Free Worksheets accompany each chapter to provide you a framework to capture your thoughts as you travel your journey to authentic and impactful leadership.

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