Pet Poems Plus – How to Write Poems about Pets (also not just pets) by Sean Petrie and Amanda Hoxworth

Walking around the Texas Library Conference, I heard the clickety-clack of a manual typewriter (yes I am so old that I recognized the sound!). As I followed that sound, I saw a line forming with a sign for a free poem. Little did I realize that this enticement would also lead to a wonderful workbook (playbook) that should be in every grade 2-6 classroom. This highly interactive book comes with a teacher’s guide and links for video supplements.

The work/play book starts out slow and easy, then quickly moves you into the rhythm of creating poems and all the stages in between. This really is fully a playbook as the reader is instructed to cut things out of the book, rip pages, write, draw and even learn about poetry.

I would highly suggest this either as an introduction to poetry or as a supplement for poetry units.

For more about this author team and this book, CLICK HERE.


Grades 2-6. This workbook supplement to the award-winning Pet Poems (also not just pets) guides students through a lively series of classroom-tested exercises to create poems.


  • Pet Poems Plus is so conversational — so inviting— that you can’t resist leaping in with your own brave, imaginative, curious ideas and observations! With this workbook (playbook!) Petrie and Hoxworth make the craft of poetry fun and accessible to young and budding poets, and pet lovers of all ages!”
  • Best-selling children’s author & teacher Liz Garton Scanlon

Building on the award-winning Pet Poems (also not just pets), this fast-paced guide leads kids through fill-in-the-blank templates centered around Hoxworth’s vibrant animal paintings.

Designed for classroom group use and self-paced study.

The poetry lessons are based on Petrie’s decades of experience crafting more than 20,000 on-demand poems and teaching workshops all across the country. Individual school workshops available via publisher website.

The book includes hands-on craft activities: Readers will forge a Poetry Sword, find their Poet’s Heart, create an Artist Monocle, and build a Poetry Spaceship.

Teacher’s Guide and video supplements included.

Topics covered include: personification, metaphor & simile, repetition, rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, imagery, sensory detail, and more. Readers will also learn multiple techniques for writing the beginning, middle, and end of poems.

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