A Risky Yet Worthwhile Endeavor by Jaime Perez – Audiobook

I am not usually an audiobook listener but when a recent road trip loomed, this book by Jaime Perez (see previous review of The Vacant Space) looked like a good fit.

The audible version is expertly narrated, enhancing the overall experience. The voice actor’s expressive tone, seamless delivery, and nuance changes for characters brought them to life. I found myself fully engrossed in their world. The pacing was a bit slow but a quick adjustment to a listening speed of 1.7 kept me following the unfolding while keeping me hooked from start to finish.

One aspect that immediately stood out was the advanced vocabulary employed by the author. While challenging at times, it elevated the storytelling and added an extra layer of depth to the narrative.

Jaime Perez’s ability to weave a complex plot filled with unexpected twists and turns is commendable. Each chapter unraveled a new layer that deceptively felt as if it was slowly developing yet at the same time created a quick paced multilevel story.

I recommend this audiobook to those seeking an easy to hear story web with gripping characters accompanied by advanced vocabulary and engaging performance.

To see all of Jaime’s books, CLICK HERE.


After seeing a mug shot on the local evening news of a familiar looking man who had just escaped from a nearby prison, part-time freelance journalist Alfredo Alvarez believes he has the chance to write his most important article yet. Alfredo’s instincts tell him that the man on the run was wrongfully convicted, but he realizes he will have to go to great lengths to uncover the real story.

Assuming the escapee has fled across the Texas-Mexico border, Alfredo accepts the fact that an ill-advised visit across the bridge may be his best chance to get the information he needs to help him construct his journalistic masterpiece and, more importantly, to possibly prove a shamed man’s innocence. What he finds out on his perilous visit south of the border is much more than he expected, and he soon learns that discovering ones past can often help shape ones future and that sometimes taking a chance is the right thing to do.

In this novel, a journalist pursues the story of an escaped fugitive he believes was wrongfully convicted and is surprised by his unlikely findings.

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