The Tricycle Way: How to Stop Racing Through Life and Start Enjoying the Ride by Sanjog Aul

TricycleThis self help book takes the unique perspective of putting together a Tricycle to illustrate ways to structure your life.  From the cushioned seat being your gratitude to the handlebars representing your purpose, the author takes you step by step.  Using a substory of three characters, he reinforces many of the concepts with continuing examples of real life scenarios.

This quick read is a great way to fortify choices you may have already made for your life or boost your pursuit of a more balanced life.

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My wife almost left me. My seven-year-old son locked me out in the garage. My three-year-old daughter forgot to include me in her family drawing. My health got so bad, I nearly died. That was when I was racing through life, chasing money and fame.

No matter what you do for a living, I’m sure you like success. You think it must feel great to have an expensive car, a huge mansion, a carefree lifestyle. But is this wealth worth sacrificing everything else in life?

Running after what you don’t have — and fearing you’ll lose what you do have — shifts focus away from what you need. It’s OK to work hard for money and fame. But should the journey be so painful that the fruits of your labor taste bitter and make your soul sick?

Are you looking for a way to end the crazy race and get off the hamster wheel? Or, do you just want to find ways to boost the level of fulfillment, fortune, and fun you’re already enjoying? If yes, this book for you.

The Tricycle Way is the soul-baring story of Sanjog Aul’s redemption and transformation from a Success Maniac to a Happy Rider. Using examples from his own life and his coaching experiences, he reveals a surprisingly simple step-by-step process for assembling a life of peace, freedom, fortune, and fun.

Sanjog claims that if you go The Tricycle Way and start focusing first on daily satisfaction and more smiles, it will lead to broader, greater, sweeter-tasting success. You’ll stop racing through life and start enjoying the ride. Even if you’re not a success maniac, it will help you lead a balanced life with peace, freedom, fortune, and fun only few can imagine.

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