The Damned Place by Chris Miller


I read very little horror; however, this author creates wonderful characters and storylines that I make an exception and read his books – in daylight, with someone else in the house and the dog next to me!  With this story, I needed more than that.  Let me start by saying I am not afraid of spiders and have little concern over snakes, but after reading this I will never look at a spider, or snake, or even a slug! in the same way.

The terror experienced by the characters (some barely into their teens) was so intense that I could feel it through the pages.  Bullying, awful parenting skills, haunted house, brutality, monsters it’s all there. Everything came pouring out of the pages at a fierce, vivid pace.  I had to keep reading because it was too much just to pass by or put it down – I needed it to end and I needed closure!

And now I am going to watch only comedy shows for the next week to clear my head.  You, however, should put this on your reading list for Halloween! Or any time you want the crap scared out of you!

For more about this author CLICK HERE.


A small town with dark secrets. A house hidden in the woods that holds horrors unimaginable. Four friends on summer break fighting off a group of bullies dead set on ruining their summer of fun. The little town of Winnsboro has buried its secrets beneath years of history and faded memories. But, it’s about to be unearthed releasing ancient creatures as a budding psychopath blooms Will they survive what comes for them and possibly the world or will The Damned Place end it all?

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