OCAAT Book Two by Ruthie Robinson

OCAAT 2I have patiently been waiting (2 years!) for the conclusion to this story and it was definitely worth the wait!  Two of my favorite characters and half-sisters Sydney and Shelby are back.  They have matured and become strong women who are trying to find their way.  Ruthie Robinson has a way of telling an intense, well developed story and adding in the perfect amount of impressive steamy scenes to make the reader never pause.

The story of OCAAT goes above the author’s usual wonderous level to take us inside a self-contained world of a small group trying to do the right thing for a very large issue. The structure of the organization and the people involved enhances this story. I love a book that makes me think and this one does just that.  I find myself discussing the issues and concepts involved in this book with anyone willing to have a conversation.

There are very few romance authors I will read and Ruthie Robinson continually tops my very short list and always provides a powerful read.

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“Where you start does not have to be where you finish,” describes the coming of age story of two half-sisters, Sydney and Shelby King, as they discover themselves and find love.

Life has not been kind to Shelby. She lost her first love—the father of her child, followed by the disappearance of their nine-month old baby boy. Overwhelmed by grief, she disappears. Eight years later, she returns to town a very different woman. She made a promise to herself, to punish the man she holds responsible for her losses. It is in the fulfillment of that promise that she finds a love that exceeds her wildest dreams.


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