The Diarrhea Diaries: Trump’s Tweets That Gives Us the Runs by Robert J. Emery


In my professional life I stay apolitical; however when this book crossed my desk I had to read it.  A quick book to read, this author has collected and organized tweets posted by President Trump.  As someone who stays on the fringe of social media and politics the amount and quality of tweets was surprising.  The content even more so.  So whether you follow Twitter, President Trump or not, this is an enlightening read and worth the time.

For more about the author and his other works CLICK HERE.


The 480 Tweets assembled in this book were selected by the Editor and are solely those of Donald J. Trump, currently the President of the United States. They are presented here word-for-word as he wrote them. Misspellings and punctuation errors are Mr. Trumps. Tweets are presented in specific categories as shown in the Table of Contents. Tweets longer than 280 characters are those continued in a second or third Tweet. Mr. Trump targeted many of the same individuals often retweeting an existing Tweet by changing a pejorative word (s) to reinforce his ire with that person along with other key words used over and over to make his point. Bold and underlined words within the Tweets are by the Editor to demonstrate this pattern.

The Tweets are presented with no political intent other than to demonstrate how The President prefers to communicate, how he responds to those who disagree with him and his responses to his perceived political enemies. Some will find these Tweets amusing. Others may be dismayed that they were written by the President of the United States.

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