Moriarty Takes His Medicine (A Professor & Mrs. Moriarty Mystery) by Anna Castle

Moriarty Medicine

The second adventure for Professor and Mrs. Moriarty.  With a tagline that states, “Behind every master criminal, there’s a brilliant woman with expensive tastes.”  How could this book be anything but wonderful?  I fell in love with Angelina (Mrs.) in the first book and was thrilled that she once again plays a major role in this book.  I must admit that this paperback has been sitting on my shelf for almost a year but the anticipation was worth it as Anna Castle delivers a well researched and developed story every time.

The scenes created between Angelina and her sister Viola were crisp with banter that makes you want to be in the family.  Along with a menagerie of characters from every social and economic level, this story made me slow down and enjoy all aspects of the spectacle.  I think I may be more of a fan of the spin-off Sherlock Holmes stories than the original.

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Professor & Mrs. Moriarty tackle a case too ticklish for Sherlock Holmes to handle on his own.
James and Angelina Moriarty are settling into their new marriage and their fashionable new home — or trying to. But James has too little to occupy his mind and Angelina has too many secrets pressing on her heart. They fear they’ll never learn to live together. Then Sherlock Holmes comes to call with a challenging case. He suspects a prominent Harley Street specialist of committing murders for hire, sending patients home from his private hospital with deadly doses or fatal conditions. Holmes intends to investigate, but the doctor’s clientele is exclusively female. He needs Angelina’s help.

While Moriarty, Holmes, and Watson explore the alarming number of ways a doctor can murder his patients with impunity, Angelina enters into treatment with their primary suspect, posing as a nervous woman who fears her husband wants to be rid of her. Then a hasty conclusion and an ill-considered word drive James and Angelina apart, sending her deep into danger. Now they must find the courage to trust each other as they race the clock to win justice for the murdered women before they become victims themselves.

Join the Moriartys for the second adventure in the series hailed as “A must for Sherlock enthusiasts” by Midwest Book Reviews.

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