Annie Abbott and the Druid Stones by Isabelle & Michael Nelson

This father and daughter author team have created a beautiful story for their first collaboration.  While aimed toward the 8-15 age reader, while slightly order than that, I was just as entertained!  This book is based on the real life adventures that Michael created for his daughter Isabelle as she grew up.  Sprinkled in is a little more magic and mythology than I believe were in the real adventures.  However the heartfelt relationship and connection of family rings true and is just as engaging.

There is a major secret in the characters’ lives and the revealing of it could damage or enhance the relationship.  This secret is just as captivating as the witches, running from the Others and a great scene where Annie gets a Nantucket Sleighride.  (Full disclosure here – I’d love one of those sleighrides!)

Hopefully this is the start of an enchanting series that you can share with your friends and the younger people in your lives.

For more information about the authors CLICK HERE FOR ISABELLE  

                      And CLICK HERE FOR MICHAEL


Everything in Annie Abbott’s life is pretty routine and normal.  She is a good student at the Junior High School and her father is a professor at the local university, until a set of mysterious boxes appear out of nowhere hidden in their attic.  After they open them, and discover the clues within, their lives will never be the same as they embark on an adventure that challenges them to the limits of their abilities, both physically and mentally.

The story takes Annie on a path of enlightenment, where she discovers the sisterhood of witches to which she always belonged, who teach her to see magic in even the simplest of things in life all around her.  We learn the deep and carefully guarded secret that her father holds as he watches her powers begin to grow.  Together they face the challenges as true magic enters into their lives.

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