Death at Dusbar College by Laura Dinovis Berry

This chapter book is the perfect read for upper elementary and middle school readers who devour all things magical. Add in a mystery and you can pull those fans in too.

An entertaining read with wonderful characters, especially the main character Cristiano, the As Yet Untitled, who is an inquisitive young man with a sense of adventure.

Although I for one, loved Bolly-Bol and could find a great use for a tie-dye spell!

For more about this author, CLICK HERE!


Welcome to the world of Antyfas where invisible monkeys play and dragons fly! Cristiano has just turned eleven, and his aunt has invited him to visit her at the magical Dusbar College. Wondrous acts of magic and fantastical beasts await him, but can he solve the Grand Magician’s riddle?

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